Inspiring, 3-Generation Family Diving at Kuredu

13 Mar 2017
Family diving Kuredu Maldives

A family holiday at Kuredu is never a mom, a dad, a selfie stick and a rather bored-looking kid. In fact, there is so much fun to be had for the whole family that many guests make an annual pilgrimage to the resort. If they ask nicely, our instructors will take some great pictures, too. Point in case: Hermann’s family.

Hermann, who has been on the island 23 times, considers himself very lucky as his love for diving at Kuredu is also shared by his daughter, Silvia (11-time repeater), and granddaughter, 18-year-old Bettina. Some of our senior staff still remember Bettina’s first holiday here, when she was just 3 years old, and our trolley boys granted her a princess status and happily loaded her onto the trolley. Hermann, though, always kindly turned down any help offered: ‘I’ll dive as long as I can carry my equipment!’. Sadly, Hermann feels he’s not 100% fit to dive anymore, but had one more wish: a dive with the whole family at Kuredu Express. Our instructors Steffi and Marek gladly took them there; this was Hermann’s 49th dive at Express, and 447th dive with Kuredu Prodivers. The first dive with us was on 14th January 1998 on Mashura Outreef.

What else did Hermann, Silvia and Bettina see on their dives in February? Two nudibranchs eating each other (Sir David Attenborough, call us, maybe?), a huge and friendly ornate eagle ray, ghost pipefish, tiny yellow box fish, turtles, curious sharks at Kuredu Caves, schooling eagle rays at Kanihura Oureef, an incredible night dive at Kuredu housereef, hunting octopus, and more.

A massive thank you to Hermann for having dived with us all these years, to Silvia for following her father’s footsteps, congratulations to Bettina for having completed her Open Water and Advanced Course, and last but not least, to the remaining two family members, Reinhard (dad) and Christiana (grandma) for their good spirits and for welcoming us on the jetty after every trip, eager to find out what their three divers saw this time around!