Double Olive Ridley Turtle Rescue

30 Jun 2017

Two Olive Ridley sea turtles have been saved by the Prodivers team on Hurawalhi. They were found entangled in a ghost net conglomerate, made up by three different nets, in front of Kudadoo island on the inside of the atoll. Since the beginning of this year, Hurawalhi and Prodivers have recovered 6 ghost net conglomerates from the ocean and rescued 24 Olive Ridley sea turtles.

Ghost nets are lost or discarded fishing nets drifting through the world’s oceans, they trap and entangle many marine creatures and a slow and agonising death ensues. Thanks to the quick thinking of the team at Hurawalhi, two more sea turtles have been helped and another ghost net conglomerate has been removed from our waters.

The Rescue:

After finding the turtles entangled in the net, Hurawalhi dhoni captain and crew collected the turtles and brought them to the resort, where Hannah, Appu and Mosti from Prodivers cut them loose from the nets. Unfortunately, the sea turtles had severe injuries and were unable to dive down; they were in need of further care so they had to be collected again. They were wrapped in wet towels and able to calm down after the stressful rescue while awaiting their pick-up by Naifaru Juvenile who transferred them to their Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. The following day the two turtles were transferred to the Olive Ridley Project (ORP) Turtle Rescue Centre in Baa atoll, to receive intensive care from the turtle vet. The turtles each have a broken flipper and are still unable to dive down, they will continue to be cared for during their recovery.

Naifaru Juvenile asked Prodivers to name the two adult female Olive Ridley sea turtles; Appu has named his turtle ‘Iku’ and Mosti named his ‘Nanni’.

We’re sure you will join us in wishing the two turtles a speedy recovery.