Instructor Diaries

10 Jan 2012

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an instructor at Prodivers? We decided to start keeping a diary and give you an insight into our instructors’ daily jobs (mostly diving-related, with some cheeky stories if appropriate!). True tales of people who spend their days exploring what lies beneath the water surface, testimonials of their amazing sightings, the joy they feel after their students eventually grasp ‘which of those thingies goes into their mouth’ and the stress they undergo when assigned dive centre duty.

The first in a series of diaries, Mister January so to speak, is a man with a heart of gold, perfectly disguised as a tough Swedish do-not-mess-around-with type of a guy. He loves football (yet doesn’t play due to his alleged allergy to grass). A bird lover who is known to have one or two caged in his room and a pioneer in outlandish beach wear, at the cutting edge of diving fashion. He has even been known to sample the occasional ale after a long days work, as he relaxes in a quiet and calm fashion enjoying the good views and better company offered by the Prodivers team.

Diving Kuredu Maldives

Due to his heroic efforts on New Year’s day he was rewarded a relaxing stint at the dive center where he was able to interact with the diverse clientele of the resort whilst motivating the rest of the staff with renditions of Johnny Cash classics.

To ease him back to the daily diving life, Michael opted to take up a more active teaching role with an Open Water Course, introducing some novices to the exciting underwater world.

We wish Michael and, most importantly, his students good luck with the course. We’ll keep you updated on how it goes and share his experiences and escapades over the next month.

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