Be Spoilt for Choice: Dive at Your Favourite Time of the Day

05 Sep 2016
Kuredu Repeater Boat

When it comes to dive sites, Kuredu offers a big variety to choose from. Lhaviyani Atoll is primarily known for big fish encounters (think mantas and sharks!) and personal encounters with sea turtles, but that doesn’t mean that all those of you who prefer easy diving in aquarium-like conditions, or admirerers of the creepy crawly creatures that reside on our ‘macro sites’ won’t get your dose of happiness. Besides the number of dive sites, there is another aspect of diving with Kuredu Prodivers that you rarely find at other dive centers – diving at various times during the day.


Because there are so many things to do on Kuredu, we understand that offering divers a diverse schedule as to when and how much to dive is an important consideration. Having said that, our diving program for certified divers consists of daily morning and afternoon boat dives (1 dive, approximate trip duration 2,5 hours), as well as morning 2-tank dives (2 dives at 2 different dive sites, surface interval on the boat). All of these boat trips allow you to enjoy your breakfast at the resort and be back in time for lunch. 2 tanks are especially popular as they allow you to make the most of your morning and take away the hassle of double pre-dive preparation; you hop on a boat, do 2 consecutive dives and you still have the whole afternoon to keep yourself busy with other activities.

If you are not an early bird and prefer to sleep in and take it easy in the morning, afternoon single tank boat trips are available after lunch (and you’ll be back in time for your sunset cruise!).


The Maldives and fabulous marine life go hand in hand, and forgive us for saying this, but your time on Kuredu will be over before you know it; to make sure you see as much of everything that both Lhaviyani and Noon Atolls have to offer, try to squeeze in at least one full day trip. Nothing beats spending the whole day on the ocean, admiring the seascape along the way, not to mention the 3 dives at dive sites that are normally not accessible on 1- or 2-tank dives. Oh, did we say there was a so-called shark point up in the Noon Atoll that can only be reached on a full day trip? Joining a full day trip means you will be back at roundabout 5.30 pm – knackered, but full of wonderful impressions of the more remote areas that few guests get to experience.


But that’s not all: you may not know yet, but seeing the reef wake up just before the sunrise is a truly incredible experience; if you don’t mind waking up at silly o’clock, give early morning diving a try! Depending on what the currents are doing, your instructors may take you to Kuredu Express or Bodu Giri, both offering spectacular insights into how nocturnal fish call it a night and how the daytime marine life start to go about their business.


A favourite to many divers, night diving is another option you should definitely consider. At night, a whole new world comes to life under the glow of your dive lamp. You can join our regularly organized, guided night boat trips (one of the places we frequently go to is Kuredu Caves due to its fame for being a dive site that can throw just about anything in, and for its proximity).


House reef diving in buddy pairs is also available – you simply order the tanks beforehand and our most loyal staff will make sure the tanks are on the jetty. We’ll tell you exactly how it works during your orientation dive.

Hopefully the above gives you a bit of an overview about how we care that you get to dive at the time of the day that suits you best (or best fits into the set-in-stone programme that your significant other has devised… but you can’t really argue with spending a few hours here on ‘mainland‘, can you?).