More than guests

27 Nov 2011

We’re very flattered every time a familiar face enters the front door. Who wouldn’t be please to have up to 800 repeater guests per year returning to dive? The elaborate repeater discount programme than Prodivers launched along with the establishment in 1988 is one of its kind in the world and, given that almost 25 per cent of our divers are repeaters, seems to be working well.

We’re happy to give our divers a 10 per cent discount on their dives for their second visit, 15 per cent for their third, 20 per cent for their fourth and 25 per cent for all subsequent visits until their 10th visit when they dive free of charge. Apart from the generous discount that we reckon is encouraging enough for them to return, along with several PD freebies, what it comes down to is the flexibility that we’re more than willing to show, especially with regard to dive sites requests and instructor preferences.

Repeater Divers Kuredu Maldives

What is more, a lot of repeater guests have become real friends by now, it’s just great to see them bringing up memories from previous visits and feel the great atmosphere that is in itself a good reason to come back to dive with us.

There have been many repeater divers at Prodivers in the last couple of weeks, so we organized a special dive at Kuredu Express for them. The below pictures show quite nicely the great vibe that was present. We’re looking forward to having all the repeater guests back again, some of the guests will be here already on their 30th visit next year.

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