New Underwater Camera Packed – How Hard Can It Be?

03 Jun 2010

Maureen and Richard Lomax arrived on Kuredu last week with their new underwater camera all prepared.

The colorful fish and coral on the reefs were guaranteed – how difficult could it be to capture these incredible scenes to show friends and family?

When Maureen and Richard’s time came to leave Kuredu, they asked if they could share their frustrations and experiences.

Here is what they had to say:

“We arrived at Kuredu very excited with our first Underwater camera & couldn’t wait to dive and capture the beauty of the Maldives Sealife.

Off we went! Snap, snap, snap, but we looked at the photos – Whoopsey –“it looks nothing like that under the sea, where did we go wrong, flash was on, we aimed, we snapped”, what else are you supposed to do, – we had none of the beautiful colors, everything was rather green, needless to say we were very disappointed.

Digital Underwater Photography

Then we noticed the  “PADI” Digital Underwater Photography Course and we knew we had nothing to loose!

We were introduced to our photo instructor Mueen, and that is when a whole new world opened up: LCD, ISO, JPEG, Aperture, white balance, composition… Had we come to the wrong course?  What are all these foreign words; what do they mean and what can that possibly have to do with our little camera.

Well, believe it or not after just two lectures it began to make sense! After the theory, we headed out for our first dive with Mueen. He was very patient, he slowly led us through it all.  Slowly but surely, Shoot, examine, adjust & shoot.

Up we came anxious to see if we had learnt anything, and what our first photo’s looked like. They were unbelievable! The aim of the dive was to get colors in to our pictures without using the flash.

During the second dive, we learnt so much more, using a flash this time and we had even greater result.

Digital Underwater Photography

Since then,  we just can’t believe the photos ‘we’ are taking.

Thanks to Prodivers and to Mueen for your patience & expertise – no more green photos!  Anyone buying a camera should attend such a course, regardless of whether you have an expensive or cheap camera, your photo’s will only be as good as your knowledge of your camera.