Kuredu’s helping hands on the boats

29 Jan 2010

The dive and snorkel boats that head out from Kuredu, Komandoo and Vakarufalhi are all staffed by local Maldivian crews.  The local knoweldge and expertise that they bring is invaluable, and the captain and crew are an important part of every diver and snorkelers experience with us.

The ‘dhoni’ crews work begins long before the guests even arrive on the boat.  Tanks are carried to the boats. Boats are cleaned and prepared for the days activities, supplies are brought for any full day trips which are going out.  The crew is also on hand once the guests arrive on the boat to help with the setting up of the equipment and help fix any issues with o-rings etc which might need changing.

The captain and crew know these local waters like the back of their hand, and are always in contact with the guide or instructor regarding the current conditions.  They also seem to have an inbuilt GPS system which allows them find incredibly small reefs in the middle of the atoll without any help!

Shortly before the dive, the crew helps with the gearing up and they are also around to make sure that nobody loses their balance while preparing to jump from the boat.  They are also on hand to pass down and cameras which guests might have to prevent any potential leakage upon entry into the water.

Safety is such an important part of diving, and the drew are always on the look out for divers surfacing at the end of a dive.  With all the dives here in the Maldives being a drift dive, the boat and crew are following the dive group to ensure they are close by when the first diver surfaces.   Once all the divers or snorkelers are safely back on the boat, the crew offer snacks and drinks including tea, coffee and coconut and cake to enjoy on the journey back to the island.

Yesterday we took some snaps of the captain and crew from our ‘Hanna dhoni’.  You can have a look at the photos in the “Recent Events” section of our Photo Gallery.