Desferal Pumps for Lhaviyani Atoll

18 Jun 2014

Today the Challengers got together on Kuredu Island Resort to officially hand over 6 desferal pumps to Thalassaemia patients in the Lhaviyani Atoll. These patients were named as patients in need of desferal pumps by the Naifaru Health Centre as they are registered and reported patients with broken pumps.

The patients who received their desferal pumps today will have a better quality life and The Atoll Challenge will continue to provide these desferal pumps to the Thalassaemia affected Maldivians over the next few months. May the pumps serve well to the patients who joined us today; Maihaa Ibrahim Iuaaz – Naifaru, Hussain Akmal Ismail – Naifaru, Fathimath Samhaa Moosa – Hinnavaru, Abdulla Ayaash – Hinnavaru, Aishath Shamra – Kurendoo, Shareefath Jaudhaa – Kurendoo. Any Thalassaemia sufferer in need of a desferral pump may register with the Health Center and will be provided with one.