DAN Chamber attendant and operator course.

21 Jul 2011

At the beginning of July DAN (Diver Alert Network) together with Prodivers held a Chamber Attendant and Chamber Operator course on Kuredu. The aim was to train people how to safely attend or operate a decompression chamber.

The people came from near and far in the Maldives to join the course and off course Prodivers had some of their staff join as well. A total of 8 participants joined the course that was presented by Morne Christou from DAN Southern Africa in South Africa. These two intense and action packed courses ran over six days with theory and lots of practical application.

Four participants of the group, Hannah, Sebastjan, Hussein and Michael, where from Prodivers, that made up the largest part of the group. All together 5 different chambers where represented by the group.

Even though the course covers very serious matters and material, there was a nice bond of friendship and camaraderie amongst the students. The resident European Diving Doctor was also involved with the course and presented some lectures and practical applications.

DAN is supporting the chambers in the Maldives very closely, with education, support and insurance covering some of the areas. This support of the remote chambers in the Maldives is vital to a smooth and safe operation and Prodivers is looking forward to a long and lasting relationship with DAN.

We would like to congratulate the students on their successful completion of the courses and a special thanks to Morne for his time and tireless energy presenting the course.