Rare Cuttlefish Found on Bodu Giri

11 Feb 2010

During a lunchtime dive this week, Paul, one of our diving instructors, went out for a dive on Bodu Giri, where they stumbled across a rare cuttlefish! Clearly happy with his new found fame, and knowing from Paul’s reaction that he was a rare sighting, the cuttle fish posed for the camera in the shallow water.

Cuttle fish have a parrot like beak and ten arms extending from the front of their bodies.  Two of these arms are elongated and thinner than the rest.  These tentacles are also equipped with a club full of suckers including tooth-like spikes which are used for catching slippery prey.  Cuttle fish are also well known for their ability to change color and their pattern extremely quickly depending on the situation they find themselves in.

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