Currently Most Beautiful Dive Sites Near Komandoo

17 Mar 2017

Calm sea, a gentle breeze and warm water are three conditions that make Komandoo guests’ experience unforgettable in itself. Add to the mix great diving and it becomes clear why a holiday at Komandoo ticks all the perfect boxes. February and March have been treating us well – the diving has been at its best and the Komandoo Prodivers team gladly helped our divers have some incredible underwater encounters. Here, a cherry-picked selection of sites where the diving has recently been nothing short of amazing!

Fushivaru Kandu

Located on the east side of the Lhaviyani atoll, Fushivaru Kandu is one of the most requested dive site for the diversity of marine life it has to offer. The channel is a marine protected area due to the presence of different cleaning stations on a thila near the northern corner. This channel is one of those places where everything is possible and the last few weeks proved it! Beside the crystal clear visibility, our divers witnessed the healthy population of grey reef sharks with lots of juveniles cruising around the channel ledge, schooling eagle rays and massive napoleons. Recently, Leo and his group even snorkelled with mantas on the corner and followed pilot whales for few minutes on the outreef!

Kuredu Express

Probably THE dive site every diver wants to visit during their stay on Komandoo. This is another marine park on the north tip of the atoll. Whatever your experience, Kuredu Express will always surprise you. This is the place where people take their best pictures of sharks and eagle rays as they tend to come very close to the divers holding on the corner. Last week, our divers were lucky enough to spot a school of 14 mobula rays on the corner.

Maa Giri South

Elodie and Alexis’ favorite! Affected by the current flowing in Zafari channel, this small girl is a real fish soup! At the moment, the visibility is so clear that our divers get the chance to experience amazing views of tunas and jacks hunting through massive schools of fusiliers. The feeling of being surrounded by thousands of fish is just magical and the smiles on the divers’ faces after the dive tell a lot. Last week, we saw 5 nurse sharks cuddling in an overhang!

Kalifushifaru Kandu

Adrenaline junkies, get ready! With our divers’ increasing addiction to scooter dives, our channels have never been so easy to visit. The biggest and deepest, «KFF», is home to over 100 grey reef sharks and it is not rare to swim above 20 eagle rays in formation. While it’s true that we recently spotted a leaf fish and a ribbon eel, we usually cross this channel for action-packed dives and Harry Potter-like sensations. With a bit of luck, massive silvertip and lemon sharks can be seen out there.

Kuredu Caves

No matter what divers like to see underwater, all of them agree on Kuredu Caves being a very special place. Although green turtles are known to be solitary creatures, our divers are lucky enough to admire a community of over 30 of them living on a 150-meter reef. The only problem divers face here is whether they will take their wide or macro angle lens, as the place is also full of small critters, especially at night; hermit crabs, nudibranchs and ghost pipefish are often spotted next to the turtles taking off to the surface.

Watch this space for updates on diving around Komandoo, and let us know if you’re coming any time soon so we can make the necessary arrangements for you to see some of the above mentioned Lhaviyani highlights!