Coral Adventure!

16 Jul 2013

Prodivers has always found that its guests love to know more about the coral reef systems they get to explore when they join us on dives or snorkels. In the past guides and instructors have always done their best to answer questions and provide a little more understanding to these complex systems during their briefings.

Well now PD are introducing a new coral reef course. To start with the course will be linked to a new snorkel boat – the Coral Adventure Boat, a half day snorkel trip that will take guests to some of the most diverse and lively reefs in the atoll. The course consists of an evening presentation where the history of the Maldives unique formation, the development of the reef systems and the creatures that inhabit them are all covered. The following day the guests join our guides out on the boat and get to explore the reefs with their new understanding.

If you’re interested in joining the course on your next visit just come by the dive center.