Prodivers Cleaned Up the World…around Kuredu

18 Sep 2017

On 17th September guests and team members of Prodivers and Kuredu Resort took part in Clean Up the World 2017, a global event where communities work together to help the environment.

A total of 49 guests and team members took part in this year’s event, their task was simple: to clean up the beaches and ocean around Kuredu. All over the world, other teams were doing the same in their communities – a fantastic thank you to the environment that gives us so much.

The results of the day’s clean up activities were as follows:

20 participants cleaned the island and beaches 15 divers cleaned the house reef and 14 snorkellers cleaned the reefs during a half-day boat trip.
An estimated total of 50 kilos of rubbish was collected – that’s an amazing effort and, from everyone here at Prodivers, a huge thank you – ‘we couldn’t have done it without you!’ If this was the amount collected only around Kuredu, imagine the rubbish collected world wide and just think of the positive impact these efforts will have on the future.

The event participants enjoyed a cocktail party held in their honour and were each given a thank you gift of an event t-shirt.

Thank you, once again, to all the participants of this year’s Clean Up the World event – each and every one of you made a difference.