Clean Up the World 2021

21 Sep 2021

The third weekend of September marked the annual Clean Up The World event, and Prodivers was proud to join this global initiative where communities come together for the good of the environment.

The plight of our oceans has been at the forefront of many news stories in recent times, especially in relation to the amount of plastic washed up on beaches and drifting in the water. In order to help increase the awareness of the problems that marine debris causes in our oceans, Prodivers helped to organise a number of events where divers and snorkellers could join in with this worldwide cleanup operation.

On Kuredu our Prodivers team, took a handful of divers and snorkelers to clean the lagoon and around the jetty of Kuredu, whilst the staff of Kuredu Resort and a few guests did a beach clean around the island. We gathered an astounding 50kgs of rubbish, consisting mostly of plastic bottles, fishing lines, ropes, tires and small bits and pieces. Ending the day in unity, everyone celebrated this momentous day with drinks and cake at the beach.

The Lily Beach Team (Charl, Atheef, Laura) did a clean-up dive in our house reef. We are happy to say that all our reefs are very clean! Every day is a clean-up day, so we try to encourage our divers to pick-up garbage whenever we find some.

At Komandoo Fabrizio and Adi led a team of guests and Komandoo Champions on a snorkel clean up of Komandoo Lagoon! They found plenty of treasure (trash), so were very pleased with themselves for a job well done. Everyone was rewarded with snacks and fruit punch for their hard work. Despite being very busy with the day-to-day diving activities, the team at Hurawalhi managed to scour the island and find debris to fill 5 bags. Across the atoll at Innahura, Steve joined the resort team on their clean up mission around the island.

Prodivers would like to thank all of the guests and staff who gave up their time to help make a difference to the oceans we all love.