Clean Up the World 2019 with Prodivers

21 Sep 2019

The third weekend of September marked the annual Clean Up The World event, and Prodivers was proud to join this global initiative where communities come together for the good of the environment.

The plight of our oceans has been at the forefront of many news stories in recent times, especially in relation to the amount of plastic washed up on beaches and drifting in the water. In order to help increase the awareness of the problems that marine debris causes in our oceans, Prodivers helped to organise a number of events where divers and snorkellers could join in with this worldwide cleanup operation.

Here’s what happened with the Prodivers teams around the Maldives:

Clean Up the World 2019

It was the first year that Prodivers and Innahura Maldives Resort arranged the Clean Up The World event as the resort only opened in March this year. In a united effort, both guests and staff created a big group of over 60 people, all willing to make a difference. Some collected garbage on an uninhabited island and while others collected during diving and snorkelling. 53 bags amounting to over 220kg were collected. Everybody did their little part today generating a much bigger impact in the fight against plastic and pollution.

Everyone was involved with Clean Up the World Day 2019 at Komandoo. We went diving on Madivaru inner reef and filled up.3 bags full of trash – mainly plastic bottles and soda cans. We also found an old compressor, too heavy to bring back to the surface by swimming, so we had to go back with a rope to lift it up from the boat. It was a good thing since it was leaking a lot of oil afterwards! For the non-diving guests and staff at Komandoo cleaned the beach and the nearby sandbank. They picked up about 200kg of rubbish and a big old fishing net. We really appreciated the help of everyone! Many thanks to Clare, David and Adam! We hope to see you again next year for our annual CLEAN UP THE WORLD DAY 2020!

Clean Up the World 2019

Clean Up The World Day 2019 on Kuredu started off with a cocktail reception and presentation at the main pool area in order to recognize “Clean up The World”. On 20th of September around 50 guests joined us for a clean up on an uninhabited island, another 100 guests and staff helped to clean the beaches of Kuredu. Altogether we collected 172 bags with around 90kg of garbage, consisting mainly of plastic bottles, fishing lines and small bits and pieces. At the end of the day we invited everyone for cake and drinks, to thank them for their great help!

Clean Up the World 2019

The team in Vakarufalhi organized a House Reef Clean-up Dive. Four very motivated, certified diver guests joined the activity with great success. The group collected various things from underwater such as fishing lines, nets, plastic bags and cans. The boys from the boat crew also helped the divers by lifting up some heavier items to the surface. We would like to say a big thank you for all of your hard work, our house reef is very grateful!

Clean Up the World 2019

Hurawalhi Prodivers along with 10 guests went on a Clean Up the World Day house reef snorkel while the diving instructor team went down below them to do a clean-up dive along with members from our Marine Centre. Fortunately, we did not find much garbage along our reef but we did find a few gloves, t-shirts, a toothbrush and some box packaging. Our Resident Marine Biologist Lynn Kessler joined the Baa Atoll Manta festival for local community outreach and networking opportunity with organizations like Parley for the Oceans, Olive Ridley Project, and Zero Waste Maldives.

Clean Up the World 2019

Lily Beach
Despite wind and rain our divers were very eager to join the “Clean Up The World 2019” event. Thanks to the help of our divers we managed to collect 4 bags of rubbish! Cleaning up is not only good for our environment, it can also be a lot of fun!

Prodivers would like to thank all of the guests and staff who gave up their time to help make a difference to the oceans we all love.