Clean up the World 2012 – Round Up

17 Sep 2012

This weekend Prodivers took part in the Clean up the world 2012 campaign. On Kuredu and Komandoo resorts we helped clean up the beaches and house reef with the aid of our divers,  snorkelers,  guests and staff. It was a great success, and although quiet hard work, a lot of fun. As well as cleaning up our islands we also visited some local islands to help clean their beaches and town, and hopefully make a difference to some of the people that we share these atolls with, as well as doing a great thing for the environment we all come out here to enjoy and appreciate.

On Naifaru – a local island, 156 people from Kuredu, Prodivers, and two local NGOs Eco Youth and Naifaru Juveniles helped collect over 1500kg of rubbish.

On Kuredu over 1700kg of rubbish was removed from the lagoon, house reef beaches and staff area and the local beach of Veiyvah. A Team of more than 70 guests were joined by over 300 staff in an effort to clean up our home. Every year we undertake this project and it is great to see so many people get involved and help out on an issue that affects us all.

Komandoo had a team of 8 divers and 20 snorkelers who cleaned the house reef and beaches of the island, they found that they recovered far less litter and waste than in previous years, suggesting that our hard work and the increased awareness of both the tourists and local population of the potential danger and damage this pollution can cause is starting to have an effect!

We will also be visiting the local island of Hinivaru on the 6th of October to help clean up their beaches and work with them to remove any rubbish form their reef.

We would like to thank all the guests and staff who were involved for giving up their free time to help make difference this weekend.