Things you can find diving in Komandoo House Reef.

27 Jan 2010

This little creature, an Ornate ghost pipefish was found recently in a concrete block, the moorage of one of the Dhonis in Komandoo. Sitting at only ten meters depth, along with some lion fish, is one of the rarest and prettiest critters to observe in…

Some more art on Komandoo

26 Jan 2010

We saw yesterday that beautiful sand castle built on Komandoo beach. Today someone else got inspired by this and did another one! Also very nice, close to the other, we hope the Lilliput inhabitants of the castles don’t try to invade each other like in…

Komandoo’s Art In The Sand

25 Jan 2010

Everybody who as been in the Maldives, knows how pleasant is to walk barefoot on the white sandy beaches of this unique place. Here in Komandoo some people are even more delighted by this and like to create some work of art with this fine…

Sand Turtle on Komandoo Beach

24 Jan 2010

Well, you know… Komandoo is also known as Turtle island.  In fact this is the logo of the island, a turtle. So here we are! We have a nice “sand” turtle done by one of the guests with a lot of sand and patience…  If…

Breakfast on Komandoo

23 Jan 2010

First day of the “Boot Show 2010” edition on Komandoo Island. While Rosa, Staffan, Ray and Sabine are still sleeping, ready for the show, we are having our breakfast on Komandoo. Nice and warm here, we hope everybody have a nice Boot Show week, not…

It’s All Shiny And New!

20 Jan 2010

Despite the warm weather, the blue ocean and endless Manta sightings at the moment, we have actually been knuckling down to bring you something new and exciting!  Welcome to the PD Blog! This Blog will replace the previous ‘Latest News’ section on the website, but…