World Oceans Day 2024

08 Jun 2024

Life on Earth depends on healthy oceans – join us in celebrating the ocean and campaigning for its protection.

Colour Your Dive with a Torch

29 Apr 2024

Put the colours back into your dive with a torch, an essential piece of equipment if you want to see the true beauty of the Maldives marine life.

Planet vs. Plastic – Earth Day 2024

22 Apr 2024

There are small steps we can all take that will add up to making a big difference to the health of our planet, saying no to plastic is a good start.

Must-Do Experiences in the Maldives

24 Mar 2024

At a destination where 99% of the surface area is covered by the warm clear waters of the Indian Ocean, it’s not surprising that the must-do experiences are water-based!