Environmentally Friendly Dive Education

01 Jul 2022

Gone are the days of textbooks and paper based quizzes – things have evolved in the world of dive education and we are pleased to offer a more environmentally friendly experience.

Adopt a Sea Turtle

11 Jun 2022

By adopting a sea turtle, either for yourself or as a gift, you will help the Olive Ridley Project rescue and rehabilitate more turtles.

Diving and Snorkelling in Harmony with Nature

05 Jun 2022

At Prodivers we operate a ‘look but don’t touch’ policy and aim to make our underwater excursions sustainable and respectful of the coral reefs and creatures that reside there.

Ready for Diving Post-Covid?

26 May 2022

If you’re planning on diving with us again soon, remember to check the medical declaration before you arrive – available on our online diver check in.

Moray Spotting in the Maldives

30 Apr 2022

Morays are regular sightings on the reefs of the Maldives, they often feature amongst our divers’ and snorkellers’ holiday snaps.

Nudibranch Photography in the Maldives

26 Apr 2022

Go in search of the beautiful nudibranchs hiding on our reefs here in the Maldives – they make the perfect subjects for underwater photography.

Underwater Fun for Kids with PADI Bubblemaker

09 Apr 2022

Bubbles are always a hit with children and if they are aged 8+ they can enjoy an adventure they will never forget as they try diving in the lagoon amongst fish and maybe even turtles.

Exploring Walls and Overhangs

31 Mar 2022

Some of the Maldives’ most dramatic dive sites are the drop-offs that plunge into the depths, come and explore them with Prodivers!