How Diving Instructors See Kuredu: Caro and Rene

01 Sep 2016
Kuredu Prodivers

When picking your diving holiday destination (or choosing a place for your honeymoon during which your Jacques Cousteau soul will get to negotiate a sneak peek into the blue!), it’s always appreciated to get first-hand insights and, after all, a human being that can vouch that all the glossy pictures on the website are not fake.

If you’ve done your research, but still need some extra incentive to finally press that ‘Book now’ button, we thought you’d be interested in finding out what the first impressions are of someone who recently arrived to work here. As is the case with just about every resort or dive center, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and for Prodivers’ instructors Caro and Rene things have been going well so far. Here’s what their first months on the island had in store for them – in other words, this is what you too can experience if you give Kuredu a chance:

First things first, why did you decide to come work to the Maldives?

Year-round sun, big fish action, Prodivers’ reputation as a well run dive center, escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

What’s the one thing that you first noticed about the resort and dive center activities?

Kuredu is very varied, giving guests to choose their own holiday pace. The choice of activities is massive and the island is suitable for those after a relaxing holiday and those after an adventure packed time (or a combination of both!). We also like the fact that the resort and dive center teams, as well as guests, are from all corners of the globe, so you hear various languages throughout the day.

Which diving activities have you done so far?

We did everything from PADI Bubblemaker with our youngest guests to Advanced Open Water Course with those certified divers who wanted to take their diving skills a step further; we did quite a few Nitrox Courses that are super popular here on Kuredu as divers want to extend their bottom times in order to see as much of the undersea life as possible. Scooter diving is another activity that you don’t get to do at every dive center and here in the Maldives, with all the big fish residing on the reefs, it’s really rewarding and almost a must!

Which dive sites would you highlight or recommend to guests?

Caro: Fushivaru Thila! It’s such an amazing place and offers a unique experience of swimming through enormous schools of fish. With a bit of luck, you can even see manta rays hovering over the reef outcrops. I like Fushivaru Outreef as well, especially when visibility is good and one can see squadrons of eagle rays in the blue.

Rene: My favourite has to be Kuredu Corner due to my very first manta ray encounter. Second choice: KFFC because of the silvertip reef sharks that we regularly see there. I was also lucky enough to see a manta ray on the house reef (my student’s gotten a bit spoiled after that I think!), and experienced what it feels like to be surrounded by hundreds of yellowfin snappers at Kuredu Express.

The above is an overview of Caro and Rene’s first impression of the diving around Kuredu. We might follow up in a few months to see if anything has changed, however we are fairly certain that it’s only going to get better by the day!

Come and see for yourself what Kuredu is like, or even join September’s IDC to become a diving instructor yourself.