What a day…

19 May 2011

The 12th of May was one of those days, when the divers did not know where to look first during their dive on Orimas Thila in the Noon Atoll…

Already their first dive at Christmas Rock was full of action. The divers were welcomed by 2 stingrays sharing their resting place under an overhang with 2 whitetip reefsharks, and at the end of the dive they even spotted a sleeping nurse shark at the giri.

But this dive got clearly topped by Orimas Thila with plenty of Grey Reefsharks in all different sizes, ealge rays, batfish, barracuda and even a sleeping leopard shark. As if that wasn´t enough, suddenly our dive instructor Armin spotted a very special underwater creature. A Bowmouth-Guitarfish suddenly came cruising towards the north side of the reef before disappearing slowly into the deep. This creature can grow up to 2.4 meters and belongs to the family of rays, even though he has many features of the sharks. Luckily this encounter was captured on the video we are showing below, so that we all can enjoy watching this wonderful and rare sightning! Take a look on the top of the Bowmouth-Guitarfish, there you can see their defense system – sharp teeth!

As a relaxed finish for this wonderful day before returning to Kuredu the group did Easa Faru as the third and last dive, where the divers were blown away by all different kind of hard corals covering the reef!

[flv:bowmouth%20guitarfish.flv 520 346]
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