Komandoo Day 2 – This is not a rock

23 Jan 2011

There are actually no rocks underwater in the Maldivian reefs. Everything solid that you can see underwater is either a coral or any human left over like, for instance, a wreck.

Corals there are either alive or , unfortunately too often, dead.  Sometimes it might be hard to see the difference at the first glance, but if you pay attention and a closer look you will see that some corals that look like a rock they are actually small colonies of thousands of tiny little creatures: Coral polyps.

The coral on the picture, belongs to the family of the Stony Corals and is very often grabbed like this by divers to hold on to take a photo or just to hold agains the current. Next time you see one like this have a closer look and you will se that is not just a piece of rock. If you see any diver holding on to it, please show him a dead coral to grab which most probably will be just a few inches aside.