Boot Show 2010, Former Prodivers staff. Day 3

25 Jan 2010

Former Kuredu Prodivers instructor Liam took a break from the aquatic circus show he is working for in Belgium, and has visited us at the boot during the last 2 days.

Liam left Kuredu PD after 4 years in August 2009. Since October 2009 he is working as a Diving Technician for the Franco Dragone Entertainment Group.

Liam is currently training with the cast and crew in a pool in Antwerp. Towards mid-summer of 2010 the huge and unique aquatic circus show “The House of Dancing Water” will open its doors in Macau, China.

If you ever go to see the show, watch for quick, black shadows under the water surface. It will not be sharks or manta rays you spot, but rather Liam and his fellow Diving Technicians.

Today, as well, former Kuredu PD instructor Reni stopped by for a quick visit. She will be working for, Primus Communications in Switzerland, starting February, as a Communications Specialist. Nevertheless she is already on the boot for her new company to build relations with journalists.

It was great for all of us to catch up with each other, and we are looking forward to future encounters!