Best time of year to dive in the Maldives

31 Jul 2023

Planning a scuba diving holiday in the Maldives and want to know when to go? Although the travel industry splits the year into high and low season, the Maldives is a year-round diving destination that will not disappoint – no matter when you visit.

The atolls are strung across the Equator and, as such, the islands enjoy a year-round tropical climate – lots of sunshine, consistently high temperatures of around 30 °C, enough rain to maintain the beautiful lush, green vegetation and, most importantly for divers, balmy water temperatures of about 28 °C – nothing but a shorty wetsuit required!

The North-east Monsoon runs from November through to April and brings great weather and very good underwater visibility for much of the time. The South-west Monsoon, which normally extends from May through to October, brings less settled weather with more overcast days but still plenty of sunshine for a great tan! Higher plankton levels at this time bring huge quantities of fish life.

All of the Maldives ‘Big 5’ – turtles, reef sharks, rays, mantas and whale sharks*, are around throughout the year and there is a huge variety of reefs, all of them bursting with life, so even if there’s a rainy day, the fish keep swimming and we keep diving – there’s no such thing as a rainy day underwater!

*whale sharks are mostly seen in South Ari Atoll