The best things about Innahura Maldives

27 May 2019

Our Prodivers team at Innahura Maldives have fallen in love with their new home since the resort opened earlier this year and they have shared with us what they like best about it…

‘Sharks, rays and turtles are among the creatures divers love to see and this area is rich with them and even offers the chance to see the less common ones such as the bow mouth guitarfish and olive ridley turtles. The islands collaboration with Naifaru’s ‘Atoll Marine Center’ Turtle Hospital gives Innahura and Prodivers a great opportunity to help our ocean.’ – Daniele

‘The oceanic side of the Island gives the opportunity to see big fish like nurse sharks and stingrays in shallow water: an amazing experience for snorkellers! Dolphins can easily be spotted from the boats and sometimes even from the beach.’ – Giulia

‘The Turtle Reef close by Innahura is one of my highlights here; it’s amazing how many turtles and other fish life you can spot on one reef! It still amazes me every day to see the different shades of blue when you come back with the boat after diving or snorkeling and drive through the beautiful lagoon of Innahura.’ – Lisa

‘When snorkeling or diving around Innahura we can always spot our colourful parrotfish friends. These remind me of how colourful life is! As Innahura lays in a shallow lagoon its surrounding waters are perfect for kayaking and kite surfing.’ – Ludwig

‘Innahura island is part of a long outreef belt in the south of Lhaviyani Atoll and it’s embedded in a wonderful landscape of sandy patches covered by shallow water which causes a unique view and play of different shades of turquoise. The underwater world is somewhat remarkable in the sense that we actually dive and discover sites that no one ever dived before. It’s partly an awesome adventure and partly breathtaking how beautiful some of our spots still are.’ – Oliver

‘The best parts for me are the inner reefs where we can see manta rays – it’s so beautiful to see them flying like they’re dancing underwater. The other ‘best’ thing is the atmosphere on the island – Life is easy on Innahura.’ – Svenja

So, there we have it – Innahura has won the hearts of the Prodivers team and we’re sure it will win the hearts of all who visit. Like Svenja said, ‘Life is easy on Innahura’.