Noreen’s best dive ever

27 Mar 2019

We’ve all have some pretty amazing dives but what makes a great dive the very best we’ve had? Seeing an elusive marine creature, a bucket-list destination or a lucky encounter? One thing is certain – these dives will never be forgotten.

We asked Noreen, one of Kuredu Maldives’ dive instructors, to tell us about her best dive ever…

“Every dive is good, even better if I see something rare. But my favourite dives are those when an interaction happens between the animal and me. This happened during a dive at Fushivaru Kandu. We’d seen many Grey reef sharks, Eagle Rays and Napoleons, but the best was at the end during the safety stop over the Thila – two blue marlins came out of nowhere straight towards us, they circled around us and really watched us, curious and maybe wondering what strange creatures we were! I was totally paralyzed; there were two adult blue marlins right in front of me and I even forgot to use my camera! I will remember this dive for the rest of my life”.

Come and join us at Kuredu Maldives for your best dive ever.