Birgit’s best dive ever

22 Apr 2019

The ocean covers about seven-tenths of the Earth’s surface and as divers and snorkellers we are privileged to be able to catch a glimpse of the fascinating creatures living there. With the vast diversity of life beneath the waves you never know what you’re going to see – you could be about to embark upon a ‘very nice’ dive, perhaps even an ‘amazing’ dive, or maybe it will be the ‘dive of a lifetime’…one thing is certain, it’s always a surprise and some surprises are bigger than others!

Last month we heard about Noreen’s best ever dive and this time we asked Birgit, one of the snorkel guides at Prodivers Kuredu Maldives, to tell us about her best dive ever…

The best dive I had was on Kuda Kandu with Ludwig. The visibility was amazing and I was just hanging around at the back of the group looking at the small stuff when suddenly Ludwig appeared from around the corner doing backflips and rattling his shaker like crazy to get everyone’s attention. I swam around the corner of the reef and almost crashed into a whale shark! This was a pretty epic day!

Come and join us – you might just get an epic underwater surprise of your very own!