Discover a beautiful Maldives dive site

05 Sep 2019

An abundance of marine life, interesting reef formations, big fish, little critters, colour and a whole lot more – that’s pretty much what scuba diving in the Maldives is all about and when we asked Paige, our Dive Center Manager from Hurawalhi, to tell us about her favourite dive site in the Lhaviyani Atoll she chose one that has just about all of these features at one site…

Discover Maa Giri:

“Maa Giri means: ‘Shallow underwater island of Flowers’ and it is exactly that!
I love Maa Giri because you can find an amazing amount of macro life hiding there and the unbelievably beautiful schools of fish as well as interesting reef formations of walls and large overhangs where schools of sweetlips and snappers relax in the current. After jumping into the water and descending into thousands of lunar and yellow back fusiliers you can zig-zag along the overhangs at the front of the giri and find black cheek moray eels protecting their holes, anemones with clownfish and honeycomb moray eels. You don’t have to be too lucky to see large sleeping nurse sharks here or glittering schools of glassfish.

At the northern side of the giri you will find massive schools of red humpback snappers, blue striped snappers, and juvenile fusiliers being hunted by giant trevallies. The southern wall is home to long green whip corals with tiny whip coral shrimp holding onto them. Mantis shrimps can be found in the rocky areas and cleaner shrimps wait for a fish or moray eel to swim by and get cleaned. If you’re lucky you may even find ornate ghost pipefish hiding in a bush coral, spot eagle rays swimming in the blue or find a beautiful nudibranch travelling along the reef wall.”

Maa Giri is just one of many incredible dive sites in the Lhaviyani Atoll and our teams at Hurawalhi, Kudadoo, Kuredu, Komandoo and Innahura are looking forward to diving there with you soon!