Andy – back in town for some diving!

15 Sep 2014

It often happens that Prodivers Maldives ex-staff can’t help themselves but to return to the island they used to be working on.

We’ve had cases where Kuredu-loving staff decided to come back after convincing Staffan to give them their dream jobs back. If you’ve been to Kuredu Resort & Spa before, you know what we mean. Now imagine the excitement upon arriving to this place for an indefinite amount of time – you can somehow feel them, don’t you?

But while there’s a lot of ex-staff we’d like to see returning for work – and we’re sure it’s great for you too to dive and snorkel with familiar faces that know the ins and outs of Prodivers – some only come for holiday.

A few weeks ago, it was Andy who paid us a visit. The super friendly and knowledgeable equipment specialist and rebreather junkie used to work here for many years before taking the job of the aquatic maintenance technician at The House of Dancing Water show. With wife, and ex-resort employee Mayden left in Macau, Andy had free-reign to dive, dive and dive some more.

With countless dives around Kuredu under belt, Andy felt that the dives on this visit were something extra special and even more spectacular than he can remember! Luckily, he captured some of the moments with his GoPro and kindly shared these with us.