Big surprises for divers on Ali Thila

20 Jun 2019

A favourite site for macro diving, Ali ‘Enderi’ Thila in the South Ari Atoll of the Maldives has been surprising divers from Lily Beach recently and not with the usual critters….there have been amazing encounters of the larger kind!

Schooling dolphins have been spotted on various dives with Dive Instructor Alexandra spotting them first – and by screaming underwater she made sure that all of our divers saw these playful creatures too. Luckily one of our guests managed to capture the images below. The latest big highlight on this small reef was a massive whale shark crossing the top reef where some of our divers were on their way up to the safety stop.

This small, deep, underwater island (‘thila’ in Maldives diving terms) is a favourite spot for Lily Beach divers to find mantis shrimps, frog fish, stone fish, gobies and plenty of longnose hawkfish. It’s a great spot for video and photographers, and, current permitting, can easily be circumnavigated.

The Team of Prodivers Lily Beach will be happy to guide you around this beautiful little place – who knows what surprises will be waiting!