5 Reasons to go snorkelling at Kuredu Maldives

20 Oct 2019

When planning your holiday and trying to decide which activities to do when visiting the Maldives, snorkelling should be top of the list – especially if you’ll be staying at Kuredu! Not only is snorkelling easy to get the hang of and accessible to anyone who can swim, it’s a great way of seeing the best of what the Maldives has to offer – an abundance of marine life! If you’re looking for Instagram-worthy holiday shots then look no further than the view from the boat of picture-perfect islands sprinkled across the horizon, or, even better – the view from your mask with an underwater camera as the Maldives marine life puts on it’s greatest show!

5 Reasons to go snorkelling at Kuredu:

  • Turtles
    The reefs surrounding Kuredu are home to the largest community of green sea turtles in the Maldives. Those venturing just a few meters from the shore are likely to find turtles grazing on the seagrass and if you join the Caves boat trip you are in for a very special treat – turtles taking off and landing like aeroplanes at turtle airport as they swim between their resting areas on the reef ledges to the surface for a breath, and back again.
  • Great conditions
    Warm water, good visibility and sheltered reefs are in plentiful supply at Kuredu. With a large number of reefs nearby, calm conditions can usually be found. Complete beginners will feel safe and secure learning the techniques in the shallow, sandy lagoon and, when ready, they can join in the fun of boat excursions too.
  • Marine life
    Nothing beats seeing creatures such as sharks, manta rays, stingrays, huge napoleon wrasse and clouds of colourful reef fish in their natural environment. Snorkelling the reefs around Kuredu is like swimming in an aquarium – an experience never to be forgotten.
  • Marine biologist on site
    There is a dedicated Marine Center at Kuredu with a resident Marine Biologist on hand to answer any questions you may have about the fascinating creatures you see. You can also get involved in their conservation research by taking any photos of turtles along to the Marine Center so that the individual can be checked against the database – it may already be known and have a name or might be a new discovery!
  • Dedicated snorkel team
    Prodivers Kuredu boasts a large snorkel section with multi-lingual guides and a huge variety of activities on offer – everything from a basic introduction and snorkelling lessons to guided excursions and boat trips – all with guides that know the reefs like the back of their hands.


Make Prodivers Dive Center one of your first stops when arriving at Kuredu – the team is waiting to introduce you to the underwater world!