35 Years of Adventure…to be continued!

04 Dec 2023

The beginning of December is always a very special time of year for Prodivers – it’s our birthday and 2023 marks our 35th year of diving adventures in the Maldives!

We celebrated in the most appropriate way we could think of…by going diving! 41 guests joined 31 members of the Prodivers team and headed to the new wreck on Coral Garden for an underwater photoshoot and fun dive.

Anniversaries are a great time to reminisce and the expansive dive operation our guests and most of the team are used to today, grew from humble beginnings when Kuredu Resort itself opened at the same time. Back then it was exploration diving discovering the wonders of the Maldives’ marine life, and, on the island, showers were cold like the beer! Fast forward 35 years and we are still discovering new dive sites, the marine life is still just as incredible, the beer is still cold but cold showers are now optional!

Looking back on the past three and a half decades fills us with joy, we have met countless incredible individuals who have shared in our journey; from those who have worked alongside us, to those who have conquered their fears with us, and all who have marvelled at the stunning underwater spectacles unfolding on each and every dive. For each of you who joined us on our islands, we hope that the experience ignited a profound love for the ocean, for the art of diving and snorkelling, and for the mesmerising marine life that fuels our unwavering passion.

Here’s to 35 years of adventure and the indescribable joy that accompanies every descent into the depths. Thank you to each and every one of you who has contributed in making the last 35 years amazing, we’re looking forward to 35 more!