Diving and Snorkelling Around Kuredu: 2016 in Review

03 Jan 2017

White powder sand, lush green palm trees, crystal clear water, mirror-like, flat sea and dolphins jumping joyfully in the ocean. From a stunning sunrise on the way to Noon Atoll to a beautiful sunset at Kuredu`s beach with a delicious cocktail in hand, this is something no one ever gets bored of. And it’s even better down below Kuredu where it’s wetter!

Prodivers’ instructors and snorkel guides sat down, reviewed the year and compiled a list of beautiful stories and amazing sightings that we’d like to once more share with you.

Here, an overview of the top of the top highlights of 2016:

  • Silvertip sharks at KFFC. In 2016 they stayed at this interesting dive site much longer than usual and we could enjoy them from June until the beginning of December. We had some epic moments together also with the grey reef sharks and occasionally lemon sharks, especially when they went into a vertical position to get cleaned. More and more divers get to see the hammerhead shark, although we still consider these rare – but let’s see what the new year brings!
  • Snorkelling with manta rays remains a breathtaking experience and when our snorkellers are so overwhelmed that they cry, it’s a rewarding feeling for the team, too, and makes us realize how lucky we are to be living here in the Maldives.
  • On Reethi Faru the snorkel team spotted the hunting action of pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins and sailfish. On the top of the list was also the snorkelling with a pod of bottlenose dolphins.
  • It wasn’t just the big boys that got us all excited! Kuredu house reef, Mashura and Fun Giri made the hearts of macro lovers beat faster. From harlequin shrimps, hairy shrimps, skeleton shrimps, rare nudibranchs, candy crabs, seamoth, a pink leaf fish and not to forget the tons of ornate and robust ghostpipe fishes (even the thin body and rough snouted ghost pipefish) were spotted.
  • Besides taking you diving, our team also advanced in their diving training, so you’ll be even safer and able to experience more yourself: Steffi is a Full Face Mask instructor, Caro and Rene are Self-Reliant Instructors and everyone on the team is now a DPV (Underwater Scooter) Instructor. Not to forget the PADI distinctive speciality courses like the Maldivian Shark and Ray as well as the Sea Turtle Diver Speciality. Whatever your interest, we can help!
  • What’s more, we often saw the very rare ornate eagle ray, guitar sharks, leopard sharks, mating stingrays, feeding nurse sharks and hunting octopus. We saw a thresher shark on Kuredu Corner, bottlenose dolphins amidst a feeding frenzy at Orimas Thila, a tiger shark in the Fushivaru area, as well as big groups of mobula rays.

Oh, and did we say we found Dory?

We hope you enjoyed diving and snorkelling with us in 2016 as much as we enjoyed having you at Kuredu. There’s plenty more to be seen at dive and snorkel sites around the island, but in order for you to experience it, there’s this one thing you need to do…

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