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Maldives – The pearls of the Indian Ocean

The stunningly beautiful tropical islands of the Maldives are strung like pearls across the Indian Ocean Equator and surrounded by world-class diving. Islands of emerald green palms and white sandy beaches are surrounded by turquoise lagoons and reefs teeming with life. Most of the nation’s 1,190 coral islands are uninhabited, just over 200 are inhabited by the local population and another 100 or so are home to exclusive resorts, each with their own unique style in a desert island setting with diving and snorkelling right on the doorstep.

The Maldives is the perfect destination for those who love the ocean and want to experience a true ‘away-from-it-all’ stay in paradise.

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Find Dive Center

Prodivers operates dive centers across the Maldives, each with the same philosophy - to ensure that your diving and snorkelling experiences are as good as they can possibly be. Each center is tailored to suit the specific guests that visit each of the islands, find the best one for you here.
  • Kuredu

    Stars3.5 - 4
    Dive Sites60+
  • Komandoo

    Dive Sites60+
  • Hurawalhi

    Dive Sites60+
  • Kudadoo

    Dive Sites60+
  • Innahura

    Dive Sites60+
  • Lily Beach

    Dive Sites50+
  • Jawakara

    Dive Sites60+

Maldives Best Dive Sites

Prodivers Dive Centers are conveniently located amidst the best dive sites in the Maldives. From almost bottomless drop-offs with overhangs to gentle sloping reefs, from sheltered underwater islands that are havens for schooling fish to channel edges where currents race and big fish roam, at Prodivers we are very lucky – we have it all!

Fushivaru Thila

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Kuredu Caves

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Kuredu Express

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The Shipyard

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Orimas Thila

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Christmas Rock

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Raafushi Outreef

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Hukuru Elhi Faru

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Reethi Thila

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Kudah Rah Thila

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Dhidhoo Beru Faru

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Diving Courses

From the complete beginner to the seasoned pro, Prodivers offers something for everyone. The full range of PADI courses are available with our large, multilingual team of experienced instructors.

Whether it’s your first breaths underwater or gaining skills with underwater scooters or even taking scuba diving to career level, Prodivers are here to help.

Try Diving

With the warm, crystal clear waters of the shallow lagoons full of fish, there’s no better place to try diving than The Maldives – don’t leave without seeing for yourself the amazing underwater world

Get Certified

If you are looking to complete a diving course and obtain a certification that allows you to dive anywhere around the world, we offer a selection of courses designed to match your holiday needs, an unforgettable experience awaits

Continue your adventure

Already qualified but want to get more out of your diving? Prodivers has a collection of interesting specialty courses as well as the PADI Advanced Open Water to Instructor level and everything inbetween!

Dive Insurance – Peace of Mind

  • Safety always comes first when diving, but it is important to be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Not all travel insurance policies cover diving or limit diving to a maximum of 12 meters.
  • Dedicated dive insurance providers, like DAN Europe, offer comprehensive cover for all diving activities.

DAN Insurance Options


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