A Ray’s Paradise

Last 7 Days, Season 4

Season 4 – Episode 2

Everybody loves Manta Rays and they truly are one of the oceans most graceful, playful, fascinating and beautiful creatures, but there are plenty of other species of rays out there and we meet them almost every day.

Stingrays – black spotted, feather tailed or porcupined – various eaglerays, the ornate eagleray which was discovered in the Read the rest of this entry »

The race is on…

Turtle Hatching Kuredu Maldives

It was the 23rd of August around 8:30 pm when one of the room boys of the 100 bungalow side suddenly stumbled over hatching turtles!

Immediately he informed the hotel and us and of course no one wanted to miss out this special event!

At 9:30 pm we took the chance to inform all the guests joining our Divers Night in the Read the rest of this entry »

The Kuredu team receives a boost!

Simon and Alex Kuredu Prodivers

At the beginning of  June, Alex from the UK and Simon from Belgium arrived on Kuredu to join our instructor team.

Both are bringing experience with them; Alex used to work in the cold murky waters of the UK, while Simon gained some experience as a Divemaster in Egypt. Alex is especially enjoying the warm temperature of the Indian Ocean after having done so many dives in cold water! Read the rest of this entry »

New PD T-shirt collection!

Prodivers T-Shirt Collection Maldives

The diverse topography of our dive sites here in the Maldives is reflected in their different names – many of the sites here are described either as a Giri, a Thila or a Kandu and we have decided to celebrate these in our new T-shirt collection.

A “Giri” ist the local (Dhivehi) word for a shallow underwater island, a “Thila” is a deeper island and a “Kandu” is a channel between two islands. The fronts of our new Read the rest of this entry »

Halimeda Crab on Kuredu House Reef

Halimeda Crab Kuredu Maldives

On the 29 of July, four Prodivers staff, Jenna, Swen, Karin and Michael, went on a lunch break dive on the Housereef. While searching for a Halimeda Ghost Pipefish amongst the leaves of the Halimeda algae, Jenna stumbled across a strange moving piece of algae.

At first we all were confused as to what it might have been and the closer we looked the more it resembled a small crab. We took Read the rest of this entry »

Fourth Element visiting Prodivers Kuredu!

Fourth Element Kuredu Prodivers

In July Leo and Jim Standing from Fourth Element visited Kuredu, which was the first time for them visiting the Maldives.

Prodivers and Fourth Element have a long working relationship and their T-shirts, hydroskins and accessories are available in the Prodivers Dive Shop. They also design and manufacture an exclusive Prodivers line of T-shirts and hydroskins which are very popular among the islands guests and divers. Read the rest of this entry »

Whale shark encounter in Vakarufalhi on scooter

Whaleshark South Ari Atoll Maldives Vakarufalhi

On the last day of July we decided to visit the southern outreef of the Ari atoll because we heard that whale sharks were spotted in the area. We started the two tank dive cruising the outreef with underwater scooters when fortune favored us with not just one but two whale sharks. We slowly approached the whale sharks not sure how he would react to the scooters, but to our surprise they were very calm and just swam slowly along the outreef. Because of our Read the rest of this entry »

Last chance for September’s IDC

PADI IDC Kuredu Maldives

We are happy to annouce that our PADI Course Directors Ute and Miha are coming to Kuredu for this year’s second Instructor Development Course, which starts on September 21st.

Given the peacefulness of the island and amazing dive sites, candidates have perfect conditions to successfully prepare for their future careers as instructor.

If you’re interested in joining the IDC, we still have a couple of places available, Read the rest of this entry »

Goodbye Silvia and Steve

Silvia, Steve Komandoo Prodivers

Silvia and Steve left Komandoo Prodivers for good at the end of July. After working 2 years in Komandoo they decided to move on to a “normal life” in Germany. We never like to say good bye, but soon or later we have to. We wish them all the best on their next adventure.

Teamwork! “The Last 7 Days…on Kuredu”

Last 7 Days on Kuredu Maldives

After a short break, right in time for the “Monsoon” in Maldives we’re back with Season 4 of “The last 7 Days on Kuredu”.

The rainy season started, the weather might be a bit more “moody” than before and the visibility underwater not as great as in dry season, but with the wind and the currents come the plankton, with the plankton comes the fish and with the fish comes the predator. And for us the weather doesn’t Read the rest of this entry »