What would Kuredu’s dive centre be like without them!

Malek, Babul, Alhas

Kuredu Maldives

If you have ever been to the dive center on Kuredu, chances are you will remember Babul, Alhas and Malek.  “The Boys” from Bangaldesh are the cornerstone of the daily operations of the dive center, helping to ensure that it runs smoothly. The infectious smiles and the fact that they seem to be willing to help out with almost any problems our guest might have, has made them instantly recognisable around the center.

Their day starts at 8:30 and ends with the locking up of the equipment room once the last night diver / night snorkeler has left.

“The Boys” make sure that house reef divers have the tanks that they ordered,  bringing empty tanks back to the dive center for refills.  In between this, they are busy taking diver’s equipment to the boats and though some incredible system (developed over numerous cups of tea, and which we still haven’t managed to work out the secret formula for), they ensure that the right equipment ends up on the right boat and with the right diver.  No mean feat when we can have up to 7 or 8 boats departing!  If this was not enough, “The Boys” also make sure that the dive center is spotlessly clean.

We took some photos today of “The Boys” at work, and put them in to a special gallery which can be found on our Recent Events page.

With permanent smiles on their faces, it’s hard not to be taken in by the warmth of  Babul, Alhas and Malek, and it is hard for us to imagine the dive center without them.  If you have any comments for “The Boys”, be sure to add them below and we will make sure they get to see them!

Check back tomorrow for an insight into the daily life of our office team.

5 Responses to “What would Kuredu’s dive centre be like without them!”

  1. Nice Post. It’s good to see these guys being honoured. These guys are really great at what they do, and are extremely helpful. Thank You Babul, Alhas and Malek.

  2. James Stagg says:

    Legends of the dive center, always working hard moving tanks and making the center look clean. These guys smile 24/7. Malek, Babul and Alhas I salute you!

  3. Pd Kuredu says:

    I think the photo gallery sums these guys up as well. Even though they work their socks off, they still always keep their cracking sense of humor! I just hope Alhas returned the whip after the photo shoot… :-)

  4. Liam Klenk says:

    make sure you give all three of them a big hug from me!

  5. What the …. I have missed this entry when it was posted!
    So, credit where credit is due…
    I have been so many times on Kuredu and these guys are always extremely helpful and great.
    These guys are always friendly, courteous, warm, hard working, humorous, open minded, ….
    Whenever I arrive in Kuredu I am so happy to meet them, three smiling faces, a bunch of hugs, and I have the feeling to see again three good old friends.
    Please, be sure to give my best wishes and some MEGA-Hugs to them.
    Thank you Babul, Malek and Alhas.
    It’s good to see you guys being honoured, you are the backbone of the Divecentre!
    Keep your good work going.

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