Breakfast on Komandoo

First day of the “Boot Show 2010″ edition on Komandoo Island. While Rosa, Staffan, Ray and Sabine are still sleeping, ready for the show, we are having our breakfast on Komandoo.

Komandoo Prodivers Maldives

Komandoo Prodivers Maldives

Nice and warm here, we hope everybody have a nice Boot Show week, not to cold and with lots of good friends and …bretzel.

2 Responses to “Breakfast on Komandoo”

  1. Darren Caple says:

    I see you hid all the bacon, sausage and eggs for the photo?!?!

  2. Antonio y Cris says:

    You look soooooooooo tanned, man!
    Cheers from Switzerland

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